Dry abrasive is used to bring out the grain on new timber; called distressing and gives your new oak and aged finish.  We sand blast old timber like the lovely oak building above to remove layers of old paint, saw marks and dark staining caused by water to reveal the clean, lighter colour and natural beauty of the wood. From a single beam to a whole timber building, with our mobile sandblasting unit no job is too big or to small.


Our very experienced sand blast technician selects the correct abrasive and pressure and grade of sandblasting material to carefully remove paint and pollution from brick and stone walls and buildings. We often work on antique stone and terracotta statues and planters etc a very skilled and delicate procedure so as not to damage the item just revealing the beauty of the original surface. 


We can grit blast any metal item from large plant and farm machinery to small items of cast iron, taking them back to the original metal finish, removing all rust and old paint on anything from a farm building to a garden bench. This clean, bare condition is then ready for undercoating and  painting, waxing or clear lacquering as required. We are especially experienced in vintage cars, lorries and classic vehicle restoration, shot and sandblasting chassis and body panels.