Domestic & Commercial Sandblaster

A true Herefordian Lad, I was born and brought up on a large dairy farm, with a rambling Georgian brick farmhouse, surrounded by traditional old stone and timber farm buildings, I soon developed a passion for traditional materials. I constructed my own home from 100% recycled materials; the old granary on the farm was dismantled and then every piece of stone, brick and tile was used in building it.

I sandblasted all the old oak beams and reused them in my ceilings and as door and window lintels, even the hay door winch was saved and resides in my sitting room. 

Sandblasting is often categorised as cleaning but I prefer to call it restoring because by and large I'm taking surfaces back to their original condition, removing rust, paint or just stripping back years of pollution. My sandblasting knowledge grew also because of my love and passion for old farm machinery; old tractors; vintage lorries; cars and anything cast iron.


I have had a hand in restoring many fine examples over the years thus developing a great understanding of the care and attention needed when sandblasting or grit blasting some of the irreplaceable parts I'm often asked to work on.


My regular customers know my knowledge and experience will guarantee they will get the best possible result; that in less experienced hands, the wrong pressure or choice of medium would probably result in irreparable damage to their items being blasted.


My mobile unit is fully equipped to sandblast any surface on-site and we cover Herefordshire and the surrounding counties up to a 50-mile radius.  More portable items can be brought to the workshop to do in our blast room, so whether it's a barn or a bench get in contact and we can have a chat about your sandblasting requirements.